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History of Waste Disposal Trucks

History of Waste Disposal Trucks :: Geesink

Compactor Trucks
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Geesink GPM Mini
The Geesink GPM Mini is a Miniture version of the valuepak. It is suited to tight spaces that bigger compactors would have no access.
The body is available in 5, 6 and 7 m3 body volumes.
The integrated GCB 550 lifting device picks up 2-wheel and 4-wheel containers up to 1300 litres.
The GPM Mini can be mounted on chassis cabs rated at 7,500 KGs G.V.W.

Geesink Valuepak
The Geesink Valuepak does not use the slide sweep method which became popular after the Leach Packmaster 2-R instead all Geesink compactors have two hydraulic cylinders which pull or push the packing panel.
The compactor can be easily reconised by its unique hopper witch is used on all the Geesink models.
The Valuepak has body sizes of 16 and 22 m3.

Geesink GPMIII
The Geesink GPMIII is like the Valuepac but with a redesigned curved body.
The GPMIII uses the new Smartpack® System which senses the amount of pressure needed to lift and pack, then uses only what’s needed.
It has a hopper capacity of 2 cubic metres.
Seen below tipping a 1100 litre dome lid wheelie bin.

Geesink Frontloader
The Geesink Frontloader is operated by Command Zone® technology that gives the driver a unique interface with the front loader and all of the vehicle’s equipment via an information screen in the cab.
The lifting arms can lift 3500kgs and can handle various different sizes and types of containers.
There is a cab gard over the cab to reduce spillage from the containers during use onto the cab and chassis.

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