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History of Waste Disposal Trucks

History of Waste Disposal Trucks :: Dempster

Compactor Trucks
Skip Trucks

Dempster Dumpster
The Dempster brothers from Knoxville Tennessee built the first truck that could pick up and transport a container to a landfill in 1935.
The body was called the Dempster Dumpster. The name dumpster for containers that can be loaded onto or into a truck commonly used in America came from the Dempster brothers invention.
The Dumpsters jib is dropped and two chains attached to the container. It is then lifted of the ground by two hydraulic cylinders.
The container is left hanging and does not sit on the body of the truck as with later skip trucks.
To tip the load the bottom of the container is dropped and the load slides out.
The load lugger was the first type of skip truck made.
George Dempster is shown (below right) with his invention.

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